Tuesday, July 22, 2014


 i went back and forth about writing a post tonight but as i sit here and reflect on the past year i think this day deserves a little place on this blog of mine. one year ago today marks the anniversary of my fathers passing from an eight year battle with cancer. needless to say this past year has been a struggle but not a struggle without reward. the experiences that my sisters, mothers, and i have shared can not be fully expressed in words but i think it's safe to say that each of us has been changed... and changed for the better. during this past year my younger sister graduated with honors from an amazing university and is about to embark on a year of service in ecuador. my older sister continues to excel in her career and will marry one of the most amazing men i know in just a few short weeks. i have transitioned into a new role within my company and moved into an apartment on my own. and my mother has been there for each of us during every step of the way. i know my father would be proud of each of us and i also know that even if he hasn't physically been here to witness all that has taken place he is still with us on this journey. it's certainly hard to believe it has been a year but also pretty amazing to reflect on all that my family has been able to accomplish in this truly difficult time of our lives. so here's to you dad!

Monday, July 21, 2014

summertime dresses!

i was really excited when eshakti reached out to me regarding their clothing site. the concept behind eshakti is to provide customized clothing based on your height, size, and style. one of the biggest challenges i face when shopping for clothes is the length of dresses, skirts, and pants due to my height. finding a summer sundress that isn't super short is tricky so a site like eshakti is ideal for me! not only was i able to enter my height when ordering this dress but i was also able to select where i wanted the dress to fall (i chose knee length). the dress arrived on friday and i was eager to see if it would be long enough and also have that custom feel the site promotes. i am pleased to say it had both these things. and the best part might have been discovering the dress had pockets...always a plus!  
thanks to eshakti for the chance to try out your site! and thanks to my little sis for playing photographer for the day! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

sisterly love in baltimore

while casually g-chatting with my older sister i mentioned how much i missed her and our other sister. to my surprise the next message that popped up on my screen asked "want to meet in the middle?" of course my answer was "yessss!" with my sisters (and future brother in law) being in philly and me being in dc we settled on meeting in baltimore. since i have been to baltimore a few times i was hoping to explore something new and i'm lucky to have so many friends that are from the area to provide me with suggestions! we deiced to meet in the inner harbor and from there we made our way over to the american visionary art museum. the amva is america's official national museum and education center for intuitive, self taught artistry. i think it's safe to say i have been to my fair share of museums (thank you smithsonians!) but this museum was really unique. its out of the box art and overall architecture were really captivating and we spent quite a few hours admiring the work (both in and outside the museum).
following our time at the museum we grabbed a quick bite to eat and met up with some friends in fells point. the day ended up turning into a bit of a sunday funday which was a pleasant surprise and i finally got to introduce my sisters to the popular orange crush drink. we finished our time in baltimore with a bbq with friends before parting ways.  
thanks sisters (and denis) for 'meeting me in the middle'. xoxo

Monday, June 9, 2014

outdoor movies in dc!

summer in dc is certainly one of the best times of the year! there are so many free activities to do that i find it hard to fit them all in during these summer months. one activity i can't seem to get enough of is the outdoor movies that pop up all over the city. last year i made it a point to go to most of the movies on the mall despite it being a bit inconvenient to get to after a long day of work. that being said this year i was thrilled when my friends and i discovered that a nearby park also shows outdoor movies. we decided to check it out a few weeks ago and i'm so glad we did. between the beautiful weather and all the fun snacks and drinks we brought it was a great way to spend a tuesday night! there are only three movies being shown in this summer series so be sure to check them out! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

st. michaels, md

this was the first year i spent memorial day weekend in dc and i have to say the weekend shaped up nicely! my mom came down from philadelphia and i had just about every minute of her visit planned. memorial day weekend just wouldn't be the same without being near some body of water so i knew i had to plan a fun day trip for us. after wracking my brain and talking to a few friends i decided upon st. michaels on the eastern shore of maryland. my co-worker had recently been there and had great things to say and since my mother and i had never been it made sense to check it out. we left dc around 11am and made it to st. michaels in time for lunch. thanks to my co-workers recommendations we ate lunch at the town dock right on the water. our food was phenomenal and the view wasn't too bad either! 

following lunch we set out to explore the town. one shop was cuter than the next and we both walked away with quite a few things from graduation gifts to engagement gifts...and maybe a few things for ourselves!
as we were strolling around the main street we heard a few people say that we were right near the best ice cream place in town so even though we might not have been hungry we decided we had to try the ice cream! well... it lived up to the expectations and was so yummy!
while we were wandering around we also noticed that a few companies offered sailing and boat trips. since neither of us had been on a sailboat in a while we decided to go on an afternoon cruise. we went out on a skipjack and learned all about oysters and the surrounding waters. the cruise was very educational but i think the best part was being out on the water at sunset.
following the cruise we headed back into town for a quick dinner before checking out the perry inn (where wedding crashers was filmed) for a nightcap. i would definitely recommend st. michaels for a day or weekend trip. the town was adorable and it was a fun and easy place to spend the day outside of the city!
see you next time st. michaels! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

spring in the district!

what a beautiful weekend here in dc! from bridal showers to bbq's and brunches, this weekend was filled with outdoor activities and i was pretty thrilled about it. on sunday afternoon i decided to be a tourist in my own city and brave the crowds to check out the cherry blossom festival. i walked down to the tidal basin and was lucky enough to catch the cherry blossoms during their peak bloom. somehow i have managed to miss the trees the past few years so it felt pretty surreal to be admiring them in the warm weather. below are some photos from my afternoon adventure! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

diy // chalkboard window pane

i recently moved into a place of my own and while there have been many exciting aspects to this adventure, one of my favorites has been the chance to decorate a new space! i was living in my previous apartment for three years so it had been a while since i had a blank slate to transform! my apartment has really come together and one of the last things i wanted to complete was a diy chalkboard window pane for my kitchen. over the past few years i have gathered quite the collection of window panes and i had the perfect one that was just waiting to be transformed for this project! 
step i:  it took a while to clean off the window pane since i found it on the street and it was being stored in my parents garage for the past year. after i had wiped down the wood with a damp cloth and used windex on the glass i was ready to start painting the wood frame. i knew i wanted a rustic look so i decided not to use a primer and instead i applied a thin coat of turquoise paint, making sure to leave some areas of the wood exposed. once the paint had dried i used sand paper to continue to rough up the finish. 
 step ii: after the paint dried, i used an exacto knife to go around the corners of the glass to scrape away any excess paint and residue that remained. the next step was to paint the glass using chalkboard paint. i borrowed some paint from a friend that unbeknownst to me had expired so i ended up having to scrape that off and repaint using new paint. even though this added some time to the project, it ended up working out and adding to the overall rustic feel i was going for.
step iii: after the new chalkboard paint had dried for three days i was ready to prep the piece to be hung. i had a little help with this next step which was to install the screws needed to hang the window pane. once this was complete it was time to hang up my newest creation!
step iv: the final step was to condition the paint. in order to do this you simply rub a piece of chalk over the entire surface. i let that sit for a few days just to be safe. after i wiped the chalk off i was ready to use my new chalkboard window pane!
...and there you have it! this was a super easy craft and since the window pane was free the only costs came from the chalkboard paint and the supplies needed to hang the piece. 
now onto my next craft! :)