Wednesday, December 16, 2015

diy // mason jar silverware holders

living in a tiny nyc apartment does not leave me with a ton of opportunities to craft since everything already has a place in my home. i recently reorganized my kitchen and after moving things around in the cabinets i found i no longer had a place to store my silverware. i must have gone to ten stores in the city and shopped around online but was unable to find a compact, cute, and reasonably priced solution. that's when i realized that i could most likely make something that met all those requirements! 

like most people these days i love all things involving mason jars so i figured i would use them to hold my silverware. after buying the mason jars, paint, brushes, and twine i got to work!
after i washed the jars i applied two coats of acrylic paint. i decided to paint the jars half white and half gray to match the colors in my kitchen.
to be honest i didn't love the way the white paint dried but i knew i wanted to distress the jars so i left it. once the jars had dried i used a sanding block to distress the look. following the distressing i used hot glue to secure twine around the center of each jar. not only did this allow for my line to not be precise but it also added a cute look to the jar and matched another piece in my kitchen,
i love the finished product and the best part is it cost less than $10 to complete!

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