Tuesday, July 14, 2015

weekend getaway // camping in barryville, ny

moving back to new york city has been one of the best things for me. i have always loved this city and i am finding that living in the heart of manhattan is better than i could have ever imagined. even with my love for cities i have also always loved the country. i am thankful that i enjoy both extremes because it gives me the opportunity to have some neat adventures! 

my good friend kristie recently moved back to the city aswell and had been saying we should go camping once we both got settled. eventually we found a date that worked for us both (this was no easy feat) and when the weekend of our camping adventure arrived i was pretty excited! on saturday morning we packed up her car (complete with her new pup, peter) and headed north to kittatinny campgrounds in barryville, ny. 
i thought it was amusing that when i told people i was going camping they laughed and questioned if i would really be going camping or if it would be a more luxurious set up. i am happy to report back that thanks to kristie and all her camping skills we had a legit camp site!

 on our way onto the grounds we stopped at a quaint market to pick up our dinner and dessert supplies. after setting up our camp we began the process of starting a fire to make dinner. this proved to be a bit harder than we thought, especially because it had rained the day before. luckily we had a decent amount of time before the sun set to get things going. after dinner it was time for s'mores! i'm not sure if it was because we made the fire or the fact that i was so excited to be camping but the s'mores tasted so so good! 

the next morning we woke up early and went on a long hike throughout the grounds. it was a tough hike at times so it was fun to take little breaks and play with the pup (i can't believe i'm saying that)!
^^^ what has happened to me!? ^^^

after our hike we decided to head towards the town and check out an antique shop we had passed the day before. kristie and i both love diy projects and this shop had so many awesome pieces. since we both live in small city apartments we didn't have space to bring anything home but we made a mental note to come back to this place if we ever find ourselves with room for another project!
after the antique shop we stopped for pizza and ice cream before heading back into the city. 
i love quick getaways like this, especially when it allows me to spend time with such a close friend. also, the fact that our cell phones didn't work provided a nice escape from the real world!

 on the way out of town we decided we'd have to come back to try the other activities in the area!  helllllo zip-lining and canoeing! :) 

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  1. so fun!!! I can't wait for our next adventure!! xox