Tuesday, July 21, 2015

lori's baby shower!

in keeping with the theme of family celebrations i wanted to share a few photos from my older sisters baby shower! i was thrilled to plan an event for such a joyful celebration, especially because i knew i would have more time to focus on the details for this special day.

since lori's bridal shower was at a restaurant we wanted to switch things up so we decided to go with an outside caterer at my mother's home in doylestown, pa. often times a caterer can be the same price as a restaurant and i think it can really transform any event in your home. not only are you able to create a really unique menu, but you have staff there to help serve and replenish food and clean up - making the event less stressful on the host. 
my mother was kind enough to let me transform a few rooms of the house so they would fit the theme for the shower. since we didn't know the gender of the baby i decided to go with oranges, navys and grays. we also decided to tie in elephants since they are gender neutral and fit the color scheme. 
^^^ best donuts ever!^^^

i really wanted the shower to be relaxed so i tried to leave the schedule pretty loose. in order to do that i decided not to have set times for most activities. food, drinks, desserts and a few games were set out for the entire afternoon so guests could enjoy them at their leisure. we also left the present opening until the very end of the event when most friends had left and just our family remained.

^^^ two games were played for prizes because everyone likes a little competition! ^^^
a very big thank you to all those who helped with this shower, especially my aunt for making the homemade body scrub favor, my cousin for making the adorable elephant cookies and my college roommate and mother for helping with the planning and decorating! 


  1. AM! This is amazing!! you did such a good job!

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