Thursday, July 30, 2015

meredith's bachelorette party // charleston, sc

about a year ago i traveled to charleston, sc for my friend kristen's bachelorette party (you can read about that adventure here). we had such a great time in that charming city so i was excited to return a few months ago for yet another bachelorette party, this time for my friend meredith. traveling is by far one of my favorite things to do and i have found that returning to a city for the second time affords some neat opportunities to experience the city as a local. from knowing your way around the city to not feeling the pressure to go to all the 'must see spots' it's been a more relaxing traveling experience for me.

for my first visit to charleston we stayed in the heart of the city which was awesome because we were able to walk around and explore, however, this time we stayed in isle of palms which was also a great experience. i was glad to see another part of the city and with such a stunning rental house it was easy to get settled in! the house was right on the water and had a beautiful sun room with a huge deck where we enjoyed lots of sunlight and yummy food and drinks!
^^^ can you tell we were happy to be reunited?! ^^^
one thing that meredith and i share is our love for food so it was no surprise that the weekend was filled with some of charleston's best restaurants. i think i have made my love for grits known before but they really are so so amazing... especially in the south. i made sure to get my fix of grits, biscuits and friend chicken while we were there!
^^^ pineapple fountain and rainbow row ^^^

a big thank you to meredith's sisters for planning such a fun weekend! can't wait for meredith and robs big day in san diego, ca!

where we ate:
hominy grill // edmund's oast // husk

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

lori's baby shower!

in keeping with the theme of family celebrations i wanted to share a few photos from my older sisters baby shower! i was thrilled to plan an event for such a joyful celebration, especially because i knew i would have more time to focus on the details for this special day.

since lori's bridal shower was at a restaurant we wanted to switch things up so we decided to go with an outside caterer at my mother's home in doylestown, pa. often times a caterer can be the same price as a restaurant and i think it can really transform any event in your home. not only are you able to create a really unique menu, but you have staff there to help serve and replenish food and clean up - making the event less stressful on the host. 
my mother was kind enough to let me transform a few rooms of the house so they would fit the theme for the shower. since we didn't know the gender of the baby i decided to go with oranges, navys and grays. we also decided to tie in elephants since they are gender neutral and fit the color scheme. 
^^^ best donuts ever!^^^

i really wanted the shower to be relaxed so i tried to leave the schedule pretty loose. in order to do that i decided not to have set times for most activities. food, drinks, desserts and a few games were set out for the entire afternoon so guests could enjoy them at their leisure. we also left the present opening until the very end of the event when most friends had left and just our family remained.

^^^ two games were played for prizes because everyone likes a little competition! ^^^
a very big thank you to all those who helped with this shower, especially my aunt for making the homemade body scrub favor, my cousin for making the adorable elephant cookies and my college roommate and mother for helping with the planning and decorating! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

weekend getaway // camping in barryville, ny

moving back to new york city has been one of the best things for me. i have always loved this city and i am finding that living in the heart of manhattan is better than i could have ever imagined. even with my love for cities i have also always loved the country. i am thankful that i enjoy both extremes because it gives me the opportunity to have some neat adventures! 

my good friend kristie recently moved back to the city aswell and had been saying we should go camping once we both got settled. eventually we found a date that worked for us both (this was no easy feat) and when the weekend of our camping adventure arrived i was pretty excited! on saturday morning we packed up her car (complete with her new pup, peter) and headed north to kittatinny campgrounds in barryville, ny. 
i thought it was amusing that when i told people i was going camping they laughed and questioned if i would really be going camping or if it would be a more luxurious set up. i am happy to report back that thanks to kristie and all her camping skills we had a legit camp site!

 on our way onto the grounds we stopped at a quaint market to pick up our dinner and dessert supplies. after setting up our camp we began the process of starting a fire to make dinner. this proved to be a bit harder than we thought, especially because it had rained the day before. luckily we had a decent amount of time before the sun set to get things going. after dinner it was time for s'mores! i'm not sure if it was because we made the fire or the fact that i was so excited to be camping but the s'mores tasted so so good! 

the next morning we woke up early and went on a long hike throughout the grounds. it was a tough hike at times so it was fun to take little breaks and play with the pup (i can't believe i'm saying that)!
^^^ what has happened to me!? ^^^

after our hike we decided to head towards the town and check out an antique shop we had passed the day before. kristie and i both love diy projects and this shop had so many awesome pieces. since we both live in small city apartments we didn't have space to bring anything home but we made a mental note to come back to this place if we ever find ourselves with room for another project!
after the antique shop we stopped for pizza and ice cream before heading back into the city. 
i love quick getaways like this, especially when it allows me to spend time with such a close friend. also, the fact that our cell phones didn't work provided a nice escape from the real world!

 on the way out of town we decided we'd have to come back to try the other activities in the area!  helllllo zip-lining and canoeing! :) 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

the big day // lori + denis

lori and denis tied the knot on august 2, 2014 in chestnut hill, pennsylvania. i felt so honored to be the co-maid of honor with my younger sister. i speak for both of us when i say that our older sister is one of the most important people in our lives. being able to walk lori down the isle and stand next to her as she said her wedding vows was incredibly moving.

 even though i wasn't the bride i felt like the day flew by and it is still a bit of a blur. after a beautiful ceremony at our mother of consolation parish we headed to the flourtown county club for the reception. below are some photos from the wedding day which was filled with so much love. 
congrats lori + denis!
and here are more shots from one of the highlights of the night... the photo booth!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

lori's bridal shower weekend!

as i mentioned in my previous post a lot of my free time has been spent celebrating some big moments with my friends and family. this has been a joyus and eventful year for my older sister and (now) brother in law. from an engagement, to a wedding and now a new baby on the way i thought it would be fun to highlight the celebrations i have been lucky enough to be a part of over the last year and a half here on the blog! below are some photos from lori's bridal shower weekend which was held at the buttonwood grill in peddler's village.
photo credit: gabriela barrantes