Thursday, June 18, 2015

peru // part ii

next up was machu picchu. in order to get to machu picchu from the sacred valley we took a high speed train called the vistadome. with huge windows on the sides and top of this train, our journey was quite enjoyable. when we arrived in the town of aguas calientes we were met by our tour guide who would help us navigate the journey up to machu picchu. i don't think any of us knew what to expect when we reached the top of the mountain but the views were pretty remarkable. i thought this would be the highlight of our trip since it was one of the main reasons we chose peru as a destination but i have to say the country has so many things to offer that this ended up being a great part of the trip, but not the main attraction we all thought it would be. we spent a couple of hours exploring the ruins and learning about the people that once inhabited this city before breaking for lunch. i suppose we were lucky to see the ruins with clear weather because after lunch it down poured and everything became covered with fog so we decided to take the afternoon off and head back into town for a relaxing night.
aguas calientes is a quaint town situated in the valley below machu picchu. even though we were pretty exhausted from our hike, stephanie and i didn't want to miss out on exploring the town so we ventured out for dinner. several people had told us to try indio feliz, but we didn't have a reservation and initially we were told we had no chance of dining there. we decided to stick around for a few minutes and all of a sudden the hostess came over and told us they had a table for us! this meal ended up being one of the best from the trip so we both felt pretty fortunate they were able to squeeze us in!
 the next morning steph and i decided to go back up to machu picchu for a more intense hike. my mom was feeling a bit sick so she stayed back in the town to rest up. here are some shots from our adventure!

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