Tuesday, June 16, 2015

peru // part i

we thought it was only fitting that we take some time and explore another country that had been on the top of our travel list while we were in south america.  my sister and i had always wanted to go to machu pichu so peru seemed like a great destination to continue our travels. our time in peru was jam packed but we wanted to make the most of the 10 days we had there. our first stop was the city of lima which quickly grew to be a highlight of the trip for me. after being in quito for some time it was fun to explore a more modern city in south america. we only had about a day and a half in lima so we decided to maximize our time by taking a double decker bus tour. even though these bus tours are about as touristy as it gets, in my experience they give a great overview of a large area and help to determine which spots are worth going back to in your free time. here are some photos from our time in lima!

after our short visit in lima, we headed to the sacred valley. when traveling throughout south america, or really anywhere for that matter, i never have expectations of what the land and people will be like and the sacred valley was no exception to this. after landing in cuszco we had about an hour drive through the sacred valley and as we passed each small village it was fascinating to learn about the people that inhabit the land. 
 once we arrived to our hotel we were excited to find out that we were staying in an old monastery. the views were unreal and it was refreshing to have some quiet time in such a remote part of the world. 
after a relaxing day at the monastery we were excited to do something more physically challenging while still in the sacred valley. we started the morning off by exploring the pisac market. this market sold beautiful hand crafted items by locals and it was definitely worth the trip. what started out looking like one row of vendors turned into a huge market with hundreds of vendors! the items being sold were some of the best we had seen the entire trip and we each ended up buying multiple items from throw blankets, to socks, sweaters, and jewelry. 
 following the market we ventured to ullayambtamo. here we were able to explore an imposing inca fortress that is situated in an old inca city. they even had some of the original streets and descendants of the inca living here. 

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