Friday, December 5, 2014

studio living

there are many things that i will miss about living in dc but one of the hardest (material) things to say goodbye to was my studio apartment. as i have mentioned before i absolutely loved living in dupont circle and having the opportunity to live alone. i remember when i first set out to live on my own i was so nervous and i questioned if i would feel lonely or get scared being totally on my own. i am happy to say that my time living alone turned out to be quite the opposite of my fears. in the wise words of my mother there is a big difference between being alone and being lonely and i learned this lesson over the past year.  i also learned to love the quiet time that living alone provided me and i have to say i am going to miss it as i embark on my nyc housing adventure. i thought it would be fun to include some photos of my old apartment, as well as some tips for decorating a studio. 
this might go without saying but it's best to separate your living space from your sleeping place. this can be done in a few ways such as using a room divider or even positioning your bed in a separated area if you are lucky to have that. none of these options were possible in my studio so i decided to set my bed farther from the door to encourage guests (and myself) to use the couch before considering sitting on my bed. i also played with the colors and set certain tones for my living space and certain tones for my sleeping place.

even the smallest of studios will have wall space to play with. i have always loved accent walls and since i decided not to paint this apartment i knew i wanted one wall to really make a statement. most of the items on the wall were picked up at yard sales or from my travels around the world. i absolutely love when decor has a story and walls like these are great talking points!
storage is key in just about any city apartment, but especially in a studio. i was having a hard time finding a place to store my hats and also knew i didn't want to spend any more money on wall art so this turquoise wood piece shown above served both purposes. this area also ended up being a table and bar and even my desk on days i worked from home. the fact that the table had wings that expanded is also key when decorating small spaces! 
i wish i had more photos to show overall the layout of the studio but to be honest it was difficult to get certain shots because of the tight space.
on my way out of dc a friend told me that my apartment was featured on exposed brick which is an awesome website that features local listings in dc. it was so fun seeing my studio up there but it made it even harder to say goodbye! the only plus to saying goodbye is that i get to say hello to a new apartment that is just waiting to be decorated!

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