Saturday, December 27, 2014

ecuador // part iii

we began day two by exploring the historic district of quito. as we made our way up the steep incline of chile street we passed every type of vendor, selling anything from socks, toilet paper, to pirated dvds. when we finally reached "la plaza grande" we were out of breath, but in awe of the colorful architecture. we headed to "la companía" to see where the original working boys center began, but sadly were unable to take photographs. next on the list was the basilica. designed by a french architect, you can clearly see the similarities to that of france. determined to reach the highest point of the basilica, steph and i, against our better judgement, decided to climb a somewhat questionable ladder to see a different view of the city. 
next we headed to the artisans market and steph made sure to warn me that my love for shopping could get a little out of control. let's just say it did... 

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