Thursday, December 25, 2014

ecuador // part ii

as i mentioned in my previous post my younger sister, stephanie, is currently doing a year of service here in quito. her tasks as a volunteer range from teaching young children art and english, to helping with the adult education program, and also working with the local businesses that are associated with the center. steph left back in august and although she has been giving me updates over the past few months it wasn't until coming here and shadowing her life that i have really been able to see the impact she is having here. to say i am proud of her is an understatement. i am in awe of her. not only is she giving a year of her life in the service of others, but she is navigating her way through a sometimes intimating foreign country. from the moment we walked through the school doors the kids came screaming "estefy, estefy!!!" they couldn't get enough of her and it was a beautiful moment to witness. here are a few photos from our afternoon at the school.
merry christmas.

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