Tuesday, December 23, 2014

ecuador // part i

hello from ecuador! after a few flight cancellations and an unexpected night in miami we finally made it to ecuador. my younger sister is currently living in quito while volunteering with the working boys center (you can read more about this jesuit organization here!) after settling into our home for the next few weeks, we set out on our first adventure to the teleferico. the teleferico is a cable car which carries passengers over 13,000 feet above sea level. with breathtaking views of the city surrounding us, we began hiking toward pichincha. along the way we ran into some friendly alpaca, stunning horses, and local artisans. 
 next, we headed to the equator, or as it is called here "mitad del mundo." i must admit, when i found out my sister was going to be in quito, the equator immediately made my "to do" list. first we headed to the "ciudad" as seen below. much to my surprise, i learned that the line pictured is not actually the equator. about twenty years ago, when gps technology began to be more widely used, it was discovered that this site was actually off by a few hundred feet. that being said, we headed over to the less-known, less popular museum next door where the actual equator line lies. 
once we arrived at the real equator, we were greeted by a wonderful guide who not only shared the history of the indigenous people, but proceeded to conduct a few "science" experiments to prove the validity of the equator line. check out the egg below to see what i mean! after experiencing the cool climate of pichincha and the heat of the equator we were exhausted and happily headed home... i'd say it was a great first day here in quito. 

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