Tuesday, October 28, 2014

diy // dresser + mirror

what a beautiful weekend! this spring-like weather in the fall is the best of both worlds! i spent most of my weekend outside, however, i did find some time to help a friend complete a diy project that had been on her to-do list. 

my friend eileen purchased the dresser and mirror seen below from the person leaving her apartment for quite a steal. although the pieces were in great shape, they looked a bit outdated in her room, especially against the yellow walls. 

here are a few before pictures of the dresser and the mirror. 
the first step in this project was to sand down both pieces. this is always my least favorite part of re-doing furniture but it is definitely a necessary step, especially with old furniture. after this step was complete we painted the dresser with two coats of black paint.
while the dresser was drying we turned our attention to the mirror. we wanted a different look for this piece so we decided it would be fun to cover the border with an old farmers almanac and paint the existing cork board black to match the dresser. 
the final step in this diy project was to re-assemble the dresser and distress it for a more rustic look. 
aside from the cost of the dresser (which was a steal) the only other supplies needed to complete this project were the black paint (which i already had), sand paper ($1), and the farmers almanac ($6).  

 since this was eileen's first diy project it was fun for me to show her the ropes! as she continues to get settled in her space i have a feeling there might be a few more projects in store for us!