Tuesday, October 28, 2014

diy // dresser + mirror

what a beautiful weekend! this spring-like weather in the fall is the best of both worlds! i spent most of my weekend outside, however, i did find some time to help a friend complete a diy project that had been on her to-do list. 

my friend eileen purchased the dresser and mirror seen below from the person leaving her apartment for quite a steal. although the pieces were in great shape, they looked a bit outdated in her room, especially against the yellow walls. 

here are a few before pictures of the dresser and the mirror. 
the first step in this project was to sand down both pieces. this is always my least favorite part of re-doing furniture but it is definitely a necessary step, especially with old furniture. after this step was complete we painted the dresser with two coats of black paint.
while the dresser was drying we turned our attention to the mirror. we wanted a different look for this piece so we decided it would be fun to cover the border with an old farmers almanac and paint the existing cork board black to match the dresser. 
the final step in this diy project was to re-assemble the dresser and distress it for a more rustic look. 
aside from the cost of the dresser (which was a steal) the only other supplies needed to complete this project were the black paint (which i already had), sand paper ($1), and the farmers almanac ($6).  

 since this was eileen's first diy project it was fun for me to show her the ropes! as she continues to get settled in her space i have a feeling there might be a few more projects in store for us!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

weekend getaway // charleston, south carolina

i never really gave charleston, sc much thought until i moved to dc. it seems as though everyone that lives in dc has been to charleston and raves about how wonderful it is and how they wish they could live there forever. with all the hype surrounding this place it quickly shot up on my travel list so you can imagine how excited i was when my friend (and the bride) kristen decided that this would be her bachelorette weekend destination. 

we were lucky to find a long weekend that worked for all the bridesmaids so we could make the most out of our visit. after lots of planning we came up with a great plan to see the sites but also relax and enjoy this mini vacation. aside from the charm of the city my favorite thing (this might not be a surprise) was the food scene. every meal we had was amazing and it was fun to get my fix of southern favorites... hello grits! 

here are a few photos from our adventure!
charleston city market - while here we purchased benne wafers which are a yummy seasame seed cookie. if you ever make it down to charleston i suggest you try some!
folly beach!
one of many nights out to celebrate the bachelorette!
on the way out of town we stopped by middleton plantation which was beautiful! i wish we had more time to visit the other plantations... guess i'll just have to come back!
where we ate:

Friday, October 17, 2014

how to spend a weekend in washington, dc!

in honor of living in dc for four years i thought it might be fun to compile a list of some of my favorite things to see and eat in this great city! as this city continues to grow and expand my favorites change but here are a few of my go-to's sorted by neighborhood! 

// dupont circle //
dupont circle has always been one of my favorite neighborhoods and i feel lucky to call it home. filled with cute shops, restaurants, and row houses this is the perfect neighborhood to explore.

 // what to do //

// where to eat //

// adams morgan //
i have decided to higlight some fun things to do in the daytime in adams morgan, although this neighborhood is best known for its nightlife. if you end up there late-night make sure to get a famous piece of late night pizza from jumbo slice

// what to do //

// where to eat // 

// capitol hill //
i don't spend a ton of time in this neighborhood but every time i am there i love it more and more. this neighborhood is perfect for walking around and admiring all the beautiful homes and shops! 
// what to do //

// where to eat // 

// georgetown //
home to some of the best shopping in dc this neighborhood has a wide range of restaurants and activities to keep you busy!
// what to do //

gardens of georgetown

// where to eat // 

// the national mall // 
you can't visit dc without visiting the national mall. make sure to give yourself enough time to visit all the monuments, memorials, and museums that are along the mall. 
// what to do //

explore the monuments and memorials

 all of which are free!

// where to eat // 

mitsitam cafe inside the smithsonian museum of the american indian

// chinatown / penn quarter //
this neighborhood has the most hustle and bustle and shouldn't be missed especially since it's not far from the national mall! 
// what to do //

// where to eat // 

// 14th street/ U street //
this is one of the newest areas in dc and is home to some of the best restaurants and nightlife. you pretty much can't go wrong with anything in this area but i picked a few spots i have currently been loving! 
// what to do //

coffee at peregrine espresso

// where to eat // 

as i mentioned these are just a few of my favorite things to do in the city. each neighborhood has so much to offer, especially when it comes to food! for those visiting dc i hope you enjoy your time here and for those that live in dc feel free to add anything i missed! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

four years in dc!

i can't believe this month marks four years in dc for me. i never thought i would be here this long but i am glad things worked out the way they did. this city is responsible for shaping my career path, providing me with life long friends, and giving me an opportunity to know one of the 'coolest' cities inside and out. so thank you dc for four wonderful years!