Tuesday, September 2, 2014

decisions, decisions! and a new app to help!

making decisions has never been a strong point for me....from what to order at a restaurant, to what to wear or what to buy while shopping for clothes. this last one has always been especially tricky for me as my sisters and friends can probably attest. i am constantly taking awkward pictures of myself in the dressing room and texting them to ask for their opinion on a certain piece prior to purchasing it. i am usually anxiously waiting (and waiting) for a text back and when they don't text back quick enough i end up giving up and forgetting the whole thing! because let's be honest who likes having to return something they just bought. well i'm happy to report that i recently discovered a new app that can help with this decision making problem... it's called the FittingRoom App! the app allows you to take a photo of your outfit and submit it for a thumbs up or thumbs down from those also using the app. and on the flip side you can help determine if someone else's outfit is a go or not by voting for their outfits. pretty cool, right? 

i am also happy to report that i will be doing some guest blogging for this genius idea! you can read my first post about products i'm currently loving on the FittingRoomBlog now! thanks to this app my friends and sisters can be expecting a few less texts from the fitting room! 

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