Monday, July 28, 2014

lake anna

you know your road trip is off to a good start when you stumble upon one of your favorite places on earth (see photo below!!!) within the first hour of being on the road! after stocking up on hoagies and snacks my friend liz and i continued our journey to lake anna where our friend emily has a house and graciously invited us to join her and some friends for the weekend.
i haven't spent a day on a lake in a while so i was pretty excited for all the activities that were in store for us. from jet skiing, to boating, and tubing we certainly took advantage of the beautiful weather and also managed to get quite a workout in! i had forgotten how exhausting it can be to hold onto that tube for dear life! below are a few pictures from our adventures! not pictured - liz and i on the jet ski.... i'm pretty sure we could have stayed out on them all day due to our need for extreme speed... so so fun!!  
not a bad way to spend a sunny saturday in the summer!
10 out of 10 on my rooftop jump! 
thank you to emily for hosting us for the weekend! can't wait to come back! 

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