Thursday, July 31, 2014

fourth of july in the hamtpons!

as with most of my posts this is a little late... but hey it's still july right?! this year i spent the fourth of july in the hamptons with some of my good friends from dc. this was my second trip to the hamptons and it was even more relaxing than i had remembered. there is something about waking up on the water and having nothing to do and no where to be that is so refreshing. and the spotty cell service certainly helped the feeling of being disconnected from the real world. we all arrived at different times but by thursday night the gang (including one of my favorite dogs piper) was all there! most of our weekend was spent eating... nothing new there.. but we also managed to fit in some morning runs, window shopping, world cup watching, and most importantly relaxing! 
 one of the highlights of the weekend was the annual pig roast that took place on saturday. this was my first pig roast and i was not disappointed. unfortunately i didn't take any photos of the pig or the food... probably because we all were so excited to eat! we ended up staying on the dock all night (with a view like this how can you not?!) and the evening will certainly always be a memorable one!
// seeing as this was one of the first times i have ever held a dog i had to document it! //
// oh hey, rob! //
//it's always amazing to watch a sunset but there was something extra special about this sunset//

thanks to my friends for including me in this awesome weekend getaway! 
looking forward to our next beach weekend already! 

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