Thursday, July 31, 2014

fourth of july in the hamtpons!

as with most of my posts this is a little late... but hey it's still july right?! this year i spent the fourth of july in the hamptons with some of my good friends from dc. this was my second trip to the hamptons and it was even more relaxing than i had remembered. there is something about waking up on the water and having nothing to do and no where to be that is so refreshing. and the spotty cell service certainly helped the feeling of being disconnected from the real world. we all arrived at different times but by thursday night the gang (including one of my favorite dogs piper) was all there! most of our weekend was spent eating... nothing new there.. but we also managed to fit in some morning runs, window shopping, world cup watching, and most importantly relaxing! 
 one of the highlights of the weekend was the annual pig roast that took place on saturday. this was my first pig roast and i was not disappointed. unfortunately i didn't take any photos of the pig or the food... probably because we all were so excited to eat! we ended up staying on the dock all night (with a view like this how can you not?!) and the evening will certainly always be a memorable one!
// seeing as this was one of the first times i have ever held a dog i had to document it! //
// oh hey, rob! //
//it's always amazing to watch a sunset but there was something extra special about this sunset//

thanks to my friends for including me in this awesome weekend getaway! 
looking forward to our next beach weekend already! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

lake anna

you know your road trip is off to a good start when you stumble upon one of your favorite places on earth (see photo below!!!) within the first hour of being on the road! after stocking up on hoagies and snacks my friend liz and i continued our journey to lake anna where our friend emily has a house and graciously invited us to join her and some friends for the weekend.
i haven't spent a day on a lake in a while so i was pretty excited for all the activities that were in store for us. from jet skiing, to boating, and tubing we certainly took advantage of the beautiful weather and also managed to get quite a workout in! i had forgotten how exhausting it can be to hold onto that tube for dear life! below are a few pictures from our adventures! not pictured - liz and i on the jet ski.... i'm pretty sure we could have stayed out on them all day due to our need for extreme speed... so so fun!!  
not a bad way to spend a sunny saturday in the summer!
10 out of 10 on my rooftop jump! 
thank you to emily for hosting us for the weekend! can't wait to come back! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


 i went back and forth about writing a post tonight but as i sit here and reflect on the past year i think this day deserves a little place on this blog of mine. one year ago today marks the anniversary of my fathers passing from an eight year battle with cancer. needless to say this past year has been a struggle but not a struggle without reward. the experiences that my sisters, mother, and i have shared can not be fully expressed in words but i think it's safe to say that each of us has been changed... and changed for the better. during this past year my younger sister graduated with honors from an amazing university and is about to embark on a year of service in ecuador. my older sister continues to excel in her career and will marry one of the most amazing men i know in just a few short weeks. i have transitioned into a new role within my company and moved into an apartment on my own. and my mother has been there for each of us during every step of the way. i know my father would be proud of each of us and i also know that even if he hasn't physically been here to witness all that has taken place he is still with us on this journey. it's certainly hard to believe it has been a year but also pretty amazing to reflect on all that my family has been able to accomplish in this truly difficult time of our lives. so here's to you dad!

Monday, July 21, 2014

summertime dresses!

i was really excited when eshakti reached out to me regarding their clothing site. the concept behind eshakti is to provide customized clothing based on your height, size, and style. one of the biggest challenges i face when shopping for clothes is the length of dresses, skirts, and pants due to my height. finding a summer sundress that isn't super short is tricky so a site like eshakti is ideal for me! not only was i able to enter my height when ordering this dress but i was also able to select where i wanted the dress to fall (i chose knee length). the dress arrived on friday and i was eager to see if it would be long enough and also have that custom feel the site promotes. i am pleased to say it had both these things. and the best part might have been discovering the dress had pockets...always a plus!  
thanks to eshakti for the chance to try out your site! and thanks to my little sis for playing photographer for the day!