Thursday, June 19, 2014

sisterly love in baltimore

while casually g-chatting with my older sister i mentioned how much i missed her and our other sister. to my surprise the next message that popped up on my screen asked "want to meet in the middle?" of course my answer was "yessss!" with my sisters (and future brother in law) being in philly and me being in dc we settled on meeting in baltimore. since i have been to baltimore a few times i was hoping to explore something new and i'm lucky to have so many friends that are from the area to provide me with suggestions! we deiced to meet in the inner harbor and from there we made our way over to the american visionary art museum. the amva is america's official national museum and education center for intuitive, self taught artistry. i think it's safe to say i have been to my fair share of museums (thank you smithsonians!) but this museum was really unique. its out of the box art and overall architecture were really captivating and we spent quite a few hours admiring the work (both in and outside the museum).
following our time at the museum we grabbed a quick bite to eat and met up with some friends in fells point. the day ended up turning into a bit of a sunday funday which was a pleasant surprise and i finally got to introduce my sisters to the popular orange crush drink. we finished our time in baltimore with a bbq with friends before parting ways.  
thanks sisters (and denis) for 'meeting me in the middle'. xoxo


  1. Seriously great pics of Baltimore! It's amazing how close it is to DC, but how hard it is to get up there sometimes! Putting "Baltimore" on the to-do list for the summer. Fun post!

    1. thank you! it really is amazing how close the two cities are! hope you make it up soon! :)