Monday, April 14, 2014

spring in the district!

what a beautiful weekend here in dc! from bridal showers to bbq's and brunches, this weekend was filled with outdoor activities and i was pretty thrilled about it. on sunday afternoon i decided to be a tourist in my own city and brave the crowds to check out the cherry blossom festival. i walked down to the tidal basin and was lucky enough to catch the cherry blossoms during their peak bloom. somehow i have managed to miss the trees the past few years so it felt pretty surreal to be admiring them in the warm weather. below are some photos from my afternoon adventure! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

diy // chalkboard window pane

i recently moved into a place of my own and while there have been many exciting aspects to this adventure, one of my favorites has been the chance to decorate a new space! i was living in my previous apartment for three years so it had been a while since i had a blank slate to transform! my apartment has really come together and one of the last things i wanted to complete was a diy chalkboard window pane for my kitchen. over the past few years i have gathered quite the collection of window panes and i had the perfect one that was just waiting to be transformed for this project! 
step i:  it took a while to clean off the window pane since i found it on the street and it was being stored in my parents garage for the past year. after i had wiped down the wood with a damp cloth and used windex on the glass i was ready to start painting the wood frame. i knew i wanted a rustic look so i decided not to use a primer and instead i applied a thin coat of turquoise paint, making sure to leave some areas of the wood exposed. once the paint had dried i used sand paper to continue to rough up the finish. 
 step ii: after the paint dried, i used an exacto knife to go around the corners of the glass to scrape away any excess paint and residue that remained. the next step was to paint the glass using chalkboard paint. i borrowed some paint from a friend that unbeknownst to me had expired so i ended up having to scrape that off and repaint using new paint. even though this added some time to the project, it ended up working out and adding to the overall rustic feel i was going for.
step iii: after the new chalkboard paint had dried for three days i was ready to prep the piece to be hung. i had a little help with this next step which was to install the screws needed to hang the window pane. once this was complete it was time to hang up my newest creation!
step iv: the final step was to condition the paint. in order to do this you simply rub a piece of chalk over the entire surface. i let that sit for a few days just to be safe. after i wiped the chalk off i was ready to use my new chalkboard window pane!
...and there you have it! this was a super easy craft and since the window pane was free the only costs came from the chalkboard paint and the supplies needed to hang the piece. 
now onto my next craft! :)