Monday, December 16, 2013

diy // coffee table tray

this weekend was the first time in a while that i had some time all to myself. i decided to use this seemingly rare alone time to cross off a few diy projects from my list!

i purchased this wooden tray a while back when i went to visit my friend in raleigh, nc. it cost about $4 and i figured it'd be a fun piece to spruce up. i decided to use mod podge to cover the outside with newspaper. i have a few other pieces in my room that i mod podged newspaper onto - it really is such an easy thing to do because the newspaper is so easy to work with. next, i painted the inner rim yellow and the top with black paint. i really liked the natural vintage look of the base of the tray so i decided to keep it mostly as-is by lightly sanding and adding some yellow paint to tie in the rims.

the project cost about $10 and took an hour or so. the best part is it will be pretty easy to re-do this piece if i ever get sick of how it looks - i can just re-mod podge and re- paint it!



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