Friday, September 13, 2013

summer wrap up.

'summertime sadness' is a good way to sum up my summer. with more than one significant loss in my life, this summer is a chapter that i am ready to move forward from. despite these struggles i have (somehow) come to know a stronger version of myself. a self that i already thought was pretty strong. i also came to find that there was still some joy to be found within the sadness. so i thought i would focus this post on those joyous moments from the summer...
so i can let the less joyous moments fade into the distance.

jazz in the garden
screen on the green... i went 2 weeks in a row!

playing soccer on the national mall
  (fyi...i've kinnda wanted to do this since i moved here!)
a quick trip to nyc!
a visit to the shore!
i was lucky enough to spend the last weekend of summer in the hamptons with some of my best friends from here in dc! not a bad way to round out the summer!

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  1. So fun! I saw a movie in the park not too long ago and it was so fun for a change!

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