Friday, July 19, 2013

west coast vacation // big sur

the next part of the west coast trip led us to big sur. i knew we'd be in for a treat based on everything our friends had told us, but i definitely didn't realize just how beautiful the drive would be. we found ourselves pulling off into almost every 'view point' just to get another look at the breathtaking views. we also found ourselves saying... 'why doesn't the east coast anything like this?" 
even though i love the outdoors, i wouldn't exactly consider myself 'outdoorsy'. that being said it was pretty funny to pull up to our tent/cabin in big sur. i think i lucked out though because our conestoga wagon (as i liked to call it) was actually very nice and clean.

we stopped at a few of state parks along the way and attempted the many hikes and trails that were available. it felt so nice to be outside and really explore the area on our own!

sunset on the pacific!

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