Friday, April 19, 2013

friday's fancies // nice + neon

this week has been so crazy - between work, soccer, friends in town, and oh.. more work i haven't had a chance to blog much! two back to back friday's fancies can attest to that! this week is all about neon which i can't wait to start wearing come the summer weather! i've never wore a head to toe neon outfit but the one below is pretty cute, isn't it?!
outfit // bag // necklace // shoes


  1. This is great!! Loving that clutch

  2. this out if seriously SO cute! i love the entire look. not too much neon, but just the right amount. perfect!

    happy weekend.

    p.s. you live in DC! me too, so fun! xo

  3. even though it's head-to-toe, it's still a subtle neon so it's not too overwhelming. love it!