Wednesday, April 3, 2013

diy // nursery collage

i have a very exciting post today... my first nursery diy!!! my co-worker, juliana, will be having her baby any day now so a few weeks ago we teamed up to create a nursery collage for above the baby's crib. most of my diy project have been for myself so it was fun to help someone else out in their home. here are a few pictures from our little project!

we took our inspiration from a few pictures on pinterest (here, here, and here)!

 to start we went to the thrift store and bought frames in various sizes. the day we went all frames happened to be 50% off so we only spent $11. from there we went to the craft store to find paper to back the frames, as well as other items that we could add to our wall.
next, we spent a few late nights cleaning, painting, and gluing things together. once everything had dried we played around with a few different layouts for above the crib.
after lots of pencil marks, measuring and hammering our diy was complete! 

now we just need the baby!