Wednesday, March 6, 2013

diy // bulletin board

transitioning college dorm room pieces into 'real life' pieces can be challenging. like most college freshman, i purchased the generic ribbon bulletin board (seen below) for my dorm room. although it served me well for four years i was pretty sure it would end up in the give away pile the summer after i graduated. well something made me hold onto it and when i was looking for a diy craft i figured i would give that old bulletin board a face lift. 

to start the transformation i went to joann's to look for fabric. i was hoping to find something that had an 'anthropologie like' feel with subtle colors and patterns.  i ended up lucking out and finding some fabric on clearance (which always makes a diy project better)! next, i went to michael's to look for ribbon that would complement the pattern on the fabric, as well as some unique 'buttons' to secure everything in place.

once i had all the supplies i removed the existing ribbon and buttons and hot glued the new fabric over the existing fabric. next, i adhered the new ribbon while following the old outline. lastly, i secured the buttons into place using hot glue. 

the last step was setting up the 'new' board on my desk at work! this entire project cost $12 and took about an hour to complete. and a special thanks to my uncle who helped out!

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