Friday, March 29, 2013

friday's fancies // pretty in pastels

if spring was actually here this week's friday's fancies would be a bit more exciting, however, spring isn't here so we must pretend anyways! this spring i hope to wear brighter colors... seeing as i am a lover of grays/blacks/tans this will be a bit of a challenge! the look below is certainly 'pretty in pastels' but still has that neutral piece i always need as a safety!

 dress // bracelets // blazer // purse 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

hey spring, where are you?

visiting a city when the weather is nice makes all the difference in the world! this couldn't have been more true a few weeks ago when dc was on it's best behavior for my friend eileen while she was in town! i'm not quite sure where that weather is now, but it was nice to have at least a few days of sunshine and warmth! as with any of my weekends it was mainly centered around food... but we were able to fit in some site seeing and nightlife as well! 
takorean (more on them later because i am obsessssed) // dc-3 hotdog // eastern market donuts
 eileen's first jumbo slice! ohhh soo good!
 the little white house!
albert einstein memorial
dc sunset on the tidal basin 

thanks for visiting! xoxo

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

getaway // nashville, tn // part I

nashville... where to begin? i went on a little adventure last weekend to visit my good friends who are currently living in nashville. i wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but i think it's safe to say i fell in love with music city! that city has so much to offer between the food, the music scene (which was our favorite), the unique neighborhoods, and all the universities. with four full days to explore the city we felt lucky to see so much of nashville!

 the honky tonk's were definitely a highlight for me - what a fun way to spend a night out!

 boots anyone?!
part ii coming soon!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

friday's fancies // lace love

lace love is right! lace is one of my favorite materials and with spring right around the corner this week's friday's fancies is so appropriate. this entire look is from anthropologie and i'm in love with each piece! thanks to {av} for another great theme!

romper // scarf // necklace // ring 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

diy // bulletin board

transitioning college dorm room pieces into 'real life' pieces can be challenging. like most college freshman, i purchased the generic ribbon bulletin board (seen below) for my dorm room. although it served me well for four years i was pretty sure it would end up in the give away pile the summer after i graduated. well something made me hold onto it and when i was looking for a diy craft i figured i would give that old bulletin board a face lift. 

to start the transformation i went to joann's to look for fabric. i was hoping to find something that had an 'anthropologie like' feel with subtle colors and patterns.  i ended up lucking out and finding some fabric on clearance (which always makes a diy project better)! next, i went to michael's to look for ribbon that would complement the pattern on the fabric, as well as some unique 'buttons' to secure everything in place.

once i had all the supplies i removed the existing ribbon and buttons and hot glued the new fabric over the existing fabric. next, i adhered the new ribbon while following the old outline. lastly, i secured the buttons into place using hot glue. 

the last step was setting up the 'new' board on my desk at work! this entire project cost $12 and took about an hour to complete. and a special thanks to my uncle who helped out!

Friday, March 1, 2013

friday's fancies // bling bling

i'm loving this week's friday fancy because everyone can use a little more bling right!?
thanks to {av} for the great theme!
happy friday!
necklace // earrings // ring // watch //