Tuesday, February 26, 2013

weekend getaway // durham, nc

empty promises are one of my least favorite things in life and a trap i try to never fall in. with so many of my friends moving all over the country for grad school it's pretty easy to say i'll visit them but then never actually follow through. since i have a few of those 'promises' floating about i decided to check one of them off last weekend by visiting my good friend from college down in durham, north carolina! i took friday off so i could beat the traffic and start the weekend a little early. i arrived to beautiful 65 degree weather and kristie's generous hospitality. after a little tour of duke's campus, we dined at the greer street garden then explored some of the surrounding neighborhoods. 
on saturday we woke to a wintery mix that must have followed me down from d.c. we switched our plans around since the weather was so gross but we still managed to fit a lot in! we had a great brunch at beyu cafe and then arrived at what would become the highlight of my trip... the scrap exchange! the scrap exchange is a DIY'ers paradise and i'm not exaggerating when i say i could have spent the entire day there. if i lived close to this amazing establishment i know i'd be in there on a weekly basis hunting for deals! i ended up getting an old window, a wooden tray, and a bunch of old shutters for $15!
on sunday we explored chapel hill and had an amazing brunch at acme (not to be confused with the grocery store).
eggs benedict with fried green tomatoes... yummm!
just as i was getting ready to head out, kristie told me there was one last place i had to see... straw valley cafe. since this place is way too cool and complex for me to try to explain here, you can go to their website to read all about it!   
 all in all it was a great weekend! 

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