Thursday, February 21, 2013

the filmore

i have been making an effort to fit concert-going into my busy schedule. a while back i had mentioned that i wanted to see ellie goulding at the filmore. as the weeks went by and life got busy i sort of forgot about it but then something reminded me of the show so i decided to get tickets!  needless to say the show was amazing and we had an awesome night.

while we were at the concert we saw that penatonix was coming... you might recognize them from this awesome performance or from the show, 'the sing off' (they were last seasons winners).  since i love acapella i knew i wouldn't want to miss this. there are no words to describe this show....i was blown away by this group. i highly recommend checking them out if they will be in your area. here are a few clips from last night!

^^^i think this might have been the best part of the show for me ^^^

 i think it's safe to say we are two for two at the filmore!

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  1. UGH. I'm so jealous. Imagine Dragons is going to be there this friday night! I actually went to high school with the drummer, so I wanted to go support him, but they SOLD OUT. lame. Love that place.