Tuesday, February 5, 2013

my new toy!

for my birthday i got the ipad mini and i couldn't be happier. i had been wanting an ipad for a while but couldn't really justify the purchase when i have a perfectly good iphone and macbook...but then came the mini. this ipad is so light and easy to hold that i don't think i've put it down since i got it. despite my joy over having a new toy i can't seem to make a decision on a case (thanks a lot etsy)! this may not come as a surprise to those who know my struggles with decision making. so i come to you looking for advice and recommendations... anyone have a great case/sleeve for the ipad mini... if so i'm all ears!


  1. I just got an iPad mini for Christmas and bought a case from Etsy that is the same exact style as the one in the upper right corner (with the circles). Mine is made out of herringbone and I love it! I like the sleeve style because it's easy to slide the iPad in and out. Also, the pocket on the front is handy for headphones and such.

    My only reasoning behind not getting a snap-on case or one with a cover that flaps open is that I didn't like the material that those kinds of cases were made out of. I thought the plastic or padding was too hard and would start to leave marks on the iPad. I get a little overprotective of my new toys sometimes, haha.

    Anyway, hope this helps!

    1. That helps a ton! Do you think the zipper sleeve would be a good option as well? Also, do you have a stand for yours?

    2. I like the open sleeve just cuz it's easy to get the iPad in and out of it quickly, but that's just personal preference.

      I don't have a stand for mine. That might be my next purchase, though. Let me know if you find something you like.

  2. oh no i don't think i can be of much help.. i love them all.