Monday, January 28, 2013

monday meals

growing up my mother always made amazing homemade dinners... to be honest my sisters and i were pretty spoiled when it came to the world of food in the boccuzzi household. i will be honest though... there was one item in the kitchen that i feared and that was the crock pot.  i always knew there would be some sort of stew in there that i would inevitably hate. flash forward seven years and my roommate comes home with a crock pot which she kindly said i could borrow. i knew that would definitely not be happening since the last thing i want to be cooking by choice is any kind of stew!!! well... as the weeks went by and amazing smells from my roommates crock pot filled my apartment i thought i might have to give into the crock pot and try it! well try it i did, and i fell in love. there is nothing better then throwing some ingredients in a pot at 9am and walking home to a warm homemade dinner at 6pm. 

so here it is... my first crock pot creation!

ps - for those interested i found the recipe for the chili here!


  1. I love my crockpot. It is such a life saver on busy weekdays!!!

    1. i agree! i can't wait to try some additional recipes!