Wednesday, January 30, 2013

hockey sunday!

some friends and i spent last sunday in a comped suite for the capitals vs sabres hockey game. i am always surprised by how much fun i have at hockey games. this game was especially fun... i mean you can't beat free food and drinks...right?!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

monday meals

growing up my mother always made amazing homemade dinners... to be honest my sisters and i were pretty spoiled when it came to the world of food in the boccuzzi household. i will be honest though... there was one item in the kitchen that i feared and that was the crock pot.  i always knew there would be some sort of stew in there that i would inevitably hate. flash forward seven years and my roommate comes home with a crock pot which she kindly said i could borrow. i knew that would definitely not be happening since the last thing i want to be cooking by choice is any kind of stew!!! well... as the weeks went by and amazing smells from my roommates crock pot filled my apartment i thought i might have to give into the crock pot and try it! well try it i did, and i fell in love. there is nothing better then throwing some ingredients in a pot at 9am and walking home to a warm homemade dinner at 6pm. 

so here it is... my first crock pot creation!

ps - for those interested i found the recipe for the chili here!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


the past few weeks have been pretty hectic with the inauguration here in dc so it felt good to have a low key night at sweetgreen. i absolutely love their salads and thanks to a certain co-worker of mine i had a gift card to use - can't beat that!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

das ethiopian

the other night i decided to check something off from my bucket list... ethiopian! a friend and i went to das in georgetown and luckily had the nicest waitress who was willing to show us the ropes! we started off with an appetizer of beef zizil tibs and continued our meal with the meat and veggie sampler. i loved loved loved our choices for the night... so much so that there are no pictures of the food to accompany this post because we ate so fast. the community feel of sharing one big plate and using your hands to eat was really unique and we both thought this would be a fun experience for our next dc visitors!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

thank you!

no friendship, however brief, can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever 
- - francois mauriac

today is my 25th birthday and as i sit here reflecting on the day i can only think of one word and that is blessed. i have received more love and well wishes over the past week than i could have ever expected. when i moved to dc over two years ago i never thought i would have found the amazing friendships and community that i am so fortunate to have here.

 the quote at the top of this post was on the cover of a beautiful birthday card that one of my dear friends sent me and i can't believe how true it is in times like these. so to all my friends near and far thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Friday, January 11, 2013

the city of brotherly love

the fam and i spent some time in philly right before christmas doing christmasy things. that city always seems to surprise me because even though i have lived near philly for almost twelve years i haven't been there nearly as many times as other cities. that being said it is fun to explore and continue to get a feel for the city. per usual the day was centered around food, but we also managed to squeeze in some time at the german christmas village, the macy's light show, and reading terminal market. i'm looking forward to my next visit to the city of brotherly love!

jac & lori
bestie sisters!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

farmers fishers bakers

there have been so many new restaurants popping up in d.c. which has made my 'must try list' veryyy long. farmers fishers bakers had been on my list before they closed, but I recently saw that they were  re-opening so i jumped on this second chance to dine there. founding farmers, their sister restaurant, is one of my favorites in the city, so i had high expectations. well... i am happy to report that my meal was even better than i could have expected! despite having to wait thirty plus minutes (even with a reservation) it was well worth the wait. the decor of the restaurant was so awesome and every dish we tried was amazing. i cannot wait to go back!
photo courtesy of farmers fishers bakers
     Wisconsin Grilled Cheeseburger                  Deep Fried Tuna Role                   Fried Brussels Sprouts & Blue Cheese 

Friday, January 4, 2013

afternoon getaway // frederick, maryland

i had been hearing about the historic section of frederick for the past few months, so when my aunt and cousin invited me to join them for some christmas shopping i was pretty excited. i had no clue what to expect, but there were a few things left on my shopping list i was hoping to find. when we arrived i couldn't get over how adorable the row houses and shops were. i have done my fair share of quaint shopping, but something about these shops were so unique... they had items i had never seen and a wide variety. i was able to find quite a few christmas gifts... as well as a few things for me!

oh and if you end grabbing a quick snack or lunch we checked out pretzel and pizza creations... it might not look like much from the outside (or inside) but it was one of the best pretzel chilli dogs i've ever had! and since i can't walk by a cupcake shop without trying one, the red velvet from sweet angela's cupcakery was awesome! all in all it was a great day trip and i can't wait to go back!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

honey's sit 'n eat

hola! writing this post is am's sister, stephanie. i recently returned from buenos aires, argentina, where i was living for the past six months and upon my return we planned a day in philly! we started out here at honey's sit n' eat. i was longing for good, ol' american food and honey's came through. from fried pickles and tomatoes, to fresh cut french fries and mac and cheese, to patty melts, my craving for decedent, wholesome food was satisfied. 
food, food, food, and more food!