Friday, December 20, 2013

annual holiday party

this year marked the third annual hanukkah party hosted by my dear friend meredith. you might remember last year's party which you can see here. i'm not sure what it is about this night but it always turns out to be the most fun. from the food, to the friends, to all the festive decor it is a night i am really glad to be a part of. the white elephant this year was pretty great and much better than last year! i ended up with the most adorable nyc mug which i am very happy about. i don't have a ton of pictures from the party because we were honestly having so much fun that no one really stopped to take any... so you will just have to trust me that it was great. as always. thanks for hosting mer and rob! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

a morning at the zoo!

this past sunday i headed to the national zoo with my friend to check out the baby tiger cubs. i am not sure exactly why i love the zoo so much... but i do! whatever the reason i find myself there fairly often and i am really lucky to have a friend that likes the zoo (mainly the tigers!) as much as i do. i couldn't believe that i still had not seen the cubs so when my friend told me he was going i knew i couldn't pass it up! the cubs only come out for a few hours every morning so we made sure to get there early so that we were ready and waiting for them. it was so neat to see the cubs interact with one another - they are such beautiful and graceful creatures. i am already plotting my next trip to see them because i am pretty sure i could have stayed there all day long!

photo credit: patrick christy

Monday, December 16, 2013

diy // coffee table tray

this weekend was the first time in a while that i had some time all to myself. i decided to use this seemingly rare alone time to cross off a few diy projects from my list!

i purchased this wooden tray a while back when i went to visit my friend in raleigh, nc. it cost about $4 and i figured it'd be a fun piece to spruce up. i decided to use mod podge to cover the outside with newspaper. i have a few other pieces in my room that i mod podged newspaper onto - it really is such an easy thing to do because the newspaper is so easy to work with. next, i painted the inner rim yellow and the top with black paint. i really liked the natural vintage look of the base of the tray so i decided to keep it mostly as-is by lightly sanding and adding some yellow paint to tie in the rims.

the project cost about $10 and took an hour or so. the best part is it will be pretty easy to re-do this piece if i ever get sick of how it looks - i can just re-mod podge and re- paint it!



Friday, December 13, 2013

eastern market

i have been very lucky to have so many weekend visitors over the last few months. there is so much to do in dc on the weekends but i find that i am always taking my visitors to eastern market come sunday. it's a good thing i love it there so much because it is becoming a weekly habit! 

my friends, kathleen and lex, had been wanting to visit eastern market for a while... especially because we didn't make it there the last time they came to visit so i was glad to show them around. we spent the morning browsing the stalls and each ended up picking up a few things. we didn't make it to brunch because we got a slow start to the morning so we will just have to go back next time they are in town! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

annual wine tour!

this year my roommates from college were able to join in my friends annual wine tour! i was so happy that they could experience the beautiful vineyards in virginia. i always feel very fortunate to live in a city that has so many wonderful escapes just a few hours outside the city.

we lucked out with the perfect november day and made it to three different vineyards (not always an easy feat with so many ladies)!
can't wait for next year! 

where we went

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

three years in dc!

i can not believe that i have lived in dc for three years! i would have never imagined that i'd end up living in this city, but i have to say i am very glad i did. watching this city expand and be built up with new neighborhoods and restaurants has been truly remarkable. not only that, but the people i have met and the opportunities that i have experienced since moving here have really shaped the person i am now. so thanks for three great years dc!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

pumpkin carving!

who doesn't love some good fall festivities?! since this is my favorite season i find that i can not say no to anything 'fall fun' related. last night a few friends and i spent the evening carving pumpkins, watching football, and eating chili... the perfect fall night! while we were carving i realized i hadn't carved a pumpkin in quite a few years, despite always going pumpkin picking. once i started i got realllly into it i have to say i was pleased with the outcome! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

some words to live by.

"Be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

Monday, September 16, 2013

brooklyn flea comes to dc!

what a beautiful weekend here in dc! i spent most of my time outside... from flea markets, to rooftop bars, to shopping in georgetown. one of the highlights was a visit to the brooklyn flea market...that's right the brooklyn flea market! for the next few saturdays the market will be right here in dc (you can click here to find out more details!). my friend, meredith, and i went to check it out and ended up walking away with quite a few goodies which means i just might have to go back next weekend too! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

summer wrap up.

'summertime sadness' is a good way to sum up my summer. with more than one significant loss in my life, this summer is a chapter that i am ready to move forward from. despite these struggles i have (somehow) come to know a stronger version of myself. a self that i already thought was pretty strong. i also came to find that there was still some joy to be found within the sadness. so i thought i would focus this post on those joyous moments from the summer...
so i can let the less joyous moments fade into the distance.

jazz in the garden
screen on the green... i went 2 weeks in a row!

playing soccer on the national mall
  (fyi...i've kinnda wanted to do this since i moved here!)
a quick trip to nyc!
a visit to the shore!
i was lucky enough to spend the last weekend of summer in the hamptons with some of my best friends from here in dc! not a bad way to round out the summer!

Friday, August 23, 2013

one year!

happy one year (and a little more...i know...i'm late) to this blog of mine. 
even though we had a few rough patches it's been fun to document life's little adventures.
here's to many more posts! 

Friday, August 2, 2013

west coast vacation // newport beach + san diego

this is the last post about my vacation... i promise! our final few days were spent exploring newport beach with our good friend brent, who is from the area. i was really hoping to run into some real housewives while there but that didn't happen. newport was amazing and it helped that we had brent to show us around! we took a ferry over to balboa island then headed over to laguna beach. as with every spot we went to i wish we had more time to explore.

once we left newport beach it was onto our last stop... san diego! i have been to san diego a few times before but it was great to visit again!
the next morning it was time to head out and i realized we had done everything on my list (which was longgggg) except go to in and out burger. as one might imagine this food stop was high on the list! somehow the planets aligned and we were able to grab a burger and fries in the ten spare minutes we had to make our flight! guess it was meant to be! 
i couldn't have asked for a better trip to the west coast and i am looking forward to going back! thank you to all our friends who hooked us up!!!

west coast recaps:
part i // part ii // part iii // part iv

Sunday, July 21, 2013

west coast vacation // slo + la

as we continued our drive down the coast of california we made a stop at hearst castle. i can't even  begin to describe this magnificent estate so i'll let the pictures do the talking!

our next stop was san luis obispo to visit our good friends, kyle and niki. we had a relaxing afternoon lounging by the pool and exploring slo! i could definitely get used to the west coast pace of life.

after a day and a half in slo we started to make our way to la. we made a pit-stop in santa barbara and all i kept thinking was, 'i can't imagine that some people get to call this place home!' i wish we had more time to explore but we were lucky to have niki, who went to school there, show us some highlights!

from there we headed to la and arrived by the late afternoon. i was pretty excited as we drove into the city because i had never been to la before. we stayed at the sls hotel in beverly hills which was definitely an experience! after exploring the hotel we got ready for dinner at the jose andres restaurant, bazaar. since we live in dc we are used to the jose andres family of restaurants, however, the bazaar was beyond amazing. every single course was out of this world and so so so unique! i couldn't believe how different the menu was from the restaurants in dc. 
the next morning we decided to do the touristy thing and explore the city via the hop on hop off bus. la was the one area we didn't have any local friends to help show us around so this seemed like our best option and overall i felt like i got a good feel for the city.

yes... all of that food was for two people (from pink's hotdogs!) ... but when you wait in line for an hour you have to make it worth it!!

on our way out of town we briefly stopped in santa monica and venice beach. i wish we had more time to spend in each spot but i am thankful we at least had time to fit them in!