Thursday, September 13, 2012

blue duck tavern.

since so many people have been asking about our dinner at blue duck tavern i figured it deserved its own here it is!

being from bucks county, pa i felt right at home as soon as we stepped out of our cab and had the huge blue farm doors opened to welcome us. from the rocking chairs in the foyer to the big open kitchen i knew this would be a special night! while we waited for our friends to join us for dinner, we enjoyed a cocktail at the bar. 

champagne mojito and jack/coke
once our friends got to the restaurant we were seated at our table and given a complementary champagne toast... not bad! after lots (and lots) of catching up we were finally ready to order. we had an assortment of entrees and sides (see below) and one was better than the next.

hand cut french fries
roasted suckling pork 
wood oven roasted scallops 
by the time dinner was over we were all quite full... but since we were celebrating a birthday we just had to get some dessert ;) we ended up selecting these sweet treats....yummm 

chocolate cake, sour cherries

milk chocolate s'mores

needless to say we can't wait to go back!

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